Window Treatment Answers…and More Answers! What Was the Question?

Each month my super marketing gurus send me a report from Google that details what people that visited this page were actually searching for. Month after month the results are almost identical: protecting your home/furnishings from UV damage and can blinds be cut down after new windows are installed. These two items vie for first and second place almost every month so let’s revisit the subjects again.

There are previous posts below you might want to read but let’s talk about these top two questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind: [Read more…]

Replacing Your Windows? Don’t be “Blind” Sided!

Replacement windows are one of the most popular and energy saving home improvement projects.  Every year thousands of Central Ohio residents replace old, drafty windows with new energy efficient windows.  The Federal Energy Tax Credit has kept replacement window companies busy for the last several years.  Recently though, we have received a rash of calls from consumers in Columbus inquiring about having their blinds or shades cut down to fit their new windows.  In a few cases they had just recently replaced their blinds and when the new windows were installed they wouldn’t fit. [Read more…]