Home Automation & Window Treatments: There’s an App for That!

Most people building new homes these days are at least considering putting some form of home automation system in place. Central Ohioans are no different. We love the idea of having the ability to control things in our home with the touch of a button. From controlling when lights go on and off, to regulating your HVAC system home automation has advanced by leaps and bounds in just months. [Read more…]

Hunter Douglas Celebrate the Season Sale

Hunter Douglas Celebrate the Season Sale, September 13 – December 12, 2011 – Call for More Details! [Read more…]

Keeping the Outdoors…Outdoors – Keep out Light with Exterior Shades

Readers know that I’m a huge proponent of using the right shade or blind to do the job.  In most cases we can assist consumers in finding just the right product to not only control the light and privacy of a room but also add an element of beauty to the space.  But I also have to admit that there is, to coin a phrase, more than one way to skin a cat. [Read more…]

Stop! You May be Throwing Your Money Down the Drain!

In the past two weeks we have performed two cleaning jobs for clients that had two story family rooms with expensive custom draperies. In both cases the draperies had been ruined by sun damage! Streaks were very evident where UV had bleached the color out of the fabric and in one case the fabric was beginning to deteriorate. In at least one of these homes the window had “UV protecting film” applied to them. I’d have asked for my money back on that! [Read more…]

Soft Shade Basics

Back in my first post I spoke a lot about the questions we ask a client to determine what is the best style/type of window treatment to fit their needs. A couple of those questions were regarding the use and orientation of the room. If you need to control the light and privacy in a room but really don’t want it to become cave-like when you lower the shade then a honeycomb or pleated shade may be the perfect choice for you.

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Professional Image/Professional Job

We’ve all seen it; you’re on the freeway and some yahoo’s driving a pick-up truck with ladders hanging off the top, cardboard flappin’ in the wind…and of course he’s yakking on the phone. Did I mention the bumper with duct tape?  Most of these vehicles are unidentified when it comes to the business they are engaged in. That’s probably a good thing since the image portrayed is more that of a business you’d like to avoid than one you’d call for a quote. This probably seems like a strange blog post but it was suggested by one of our sales people after an experience he had recently.

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The Basics: Getting Started

When we first begin to work with a client we ask a lot of questions. You should do the same. Take a moment and look around your room/s that you want to decorate and ask yourself these questions: What do we want to use this room for? Sleeping/TV viewing require very different light control needs that say, reading. What direction does my room face? A north facing room can suffice with a much different product than a room that faces west. There’s no point in having a gorgeous room if it’s not comfortable. A room that becomes unbearable in the afternoon because of heat gain is useless. By determining the orientation of your room you’ll be able to select the right type of product to address the needs of the room. Next, ask yourself; how do I want the room to feel? Designing a formal room will lead you in a very different direction that a casual, homey feel will. Also, contemporary versus traditional design will lead to different product selections.

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