Remotely Simple – Motorize Your Window Treatments

The information age is upon us. When was the last time you walked into a room of teenagers who were using their mouths to converse instead of their thumbs? When was the last time you had to walk across the room to change the channel? The mundane tasks of life grow increasingly easier with every day’s new technological advance.

While you may already be familiar with your garage door opener, the remote for your television, your iPhone, etc., are you familiar with motorized window treatments that you can operate by an app on your phone? Yes, you read that right. Motorized window treatments are the newest addition to home automation – joining the likes of lighting, security, audio-visual, thermostats and more.


Most every type of window covering imaginable can be motorized. With apps like the Hunter Douglas Platinum App®, window treatments can be opened or shut with the press of a button. As Cheryl Garrett, owner of Home Source Interiors, explains, “Motorized window coverings make controlling the light, privacy and security of your home simple and affordable.” Home Source Interiors is a Hunter Douglas® Gallery showroom in Central Ohio; with this motorizing technology and the expertise of the Home Source, Columbus homeowners can now have the finest window coverings with the greatest ease of use.


Jeff Garrett, a member of the Home Source family explains that with the Hunter Douglas Platinum App ®, homeowners can “experience an incredibly personalized window treatment.” Not only can window coverings can be opened and closed with the push of a button, but a schedule can be created in the app calendar for certain treatment settings on any given day at any given time – giving the homeowner complete control without, literally, moving a finger.


Also, Home Source sets up the motorization through radio frequencies instead of wiring, so not only does it cost a fraction of what it would to re-wire the house for automation it also takes a fraction of the time. With the Hunter Douglas Platinum App®, friends and family who come over can also operate window treatments to suit their desires.


Most motorization until recently, was available only for blinds and shades, however nowadays, even draperies can be motorized. Home Source Interiors can also motorize your exterior sunshades and awnings. Not only can you have the perfect lighting indoors, you can also have it outdoors.

A few key elements to think about when deciding whether motorized window treatments are the correct fit for you are: energy savings, protection, tax rebates, security, comfort, convenience, integration and safety:

  • Window treatments protect homes from excess sunlight and heat gain during the summer (saving on air conditioning use) and keep heat in the home during the winter months. (Press a button.)
  • Sunlight affects the colors, artwork, flooring and fabrics used in design; excess sunlight can be harmful.  (Set a schedule.)
  • These days, with the government focusing more on sustainability, tax credits are being offered for the Duette Architella – currently the only Hunter Douglas® window treatment product that qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit. (Save money.)
  • Reduce light glare, limit eye strain and increase the quality and clarity of overexposed televisions with the press of button. (Get comfy.)
  • Integrate the whole home, including motorized window treatments, in home automation. Everything will be easily accessed and changed through a phone or tablet. (Relax.)
  • Reduce blind and drape cords and eliminate safety risks for children. (Be safer.)

So, stop fighting with those blinds strings and start pressing more buttons by getting automated with motorized window treatments from Home Source Interiors.