This Ain’t Your Granny’s Wallpaper!

I have to be honest, I can’t believe I’m writing this blog entry.  I have still not recovered from weeks of stripping wallpaper my mother had installed back in the late 80’s.  While the paper itself was probably not cheap it was not up to today’s standard of strippable papers AND  the preparation of the walls was not properly handled making some rooms a weeks-long ordeal!  Just when I thought I was done I discovered she must have had a half roll left and had the hanger wallpaper the coat closet! NOOOOOOOO!

So, Why is Wallpaper Coming Back?

I believe there are several reasons, not the least of which is people’s desire to have texture on the walls.  That being the nature of things most people are SO over poorly executed  “faux finishes”!  We’ve all seen the garish nightmares executed with a feather duster or plastic grocery bag!  They looked so good in the picture…and SO BAD on the walls!

Another factor is today’s busy families. While paint companies tout their scrubbable paints the reality is far different from what they say.  We’ve all tried to clean off one of junior’s masterpieces only to find that we replaced the artwork with an obvious splotch in it’s place! UGH!  Time to repaint!

Today’s wallpaper are definitely NOT your mother’s.  From richly textured vinyls that you can scrub over and over to papers imbedded with mica or made from cork there are wallpapers for every décor.  I’m not talking Big Box/Paint Store wallpapers, these are designer papers that in some, but not all cases, can have designer prices.  However, you don’t have to paper a whole room to get the impact of a stunning wallpaper.  Perhaps an accent wall or maybe even a small niche!  One double roll of just the right wallpaper can turn a room from ho hum to wow in just an afternoon.

Wallpaper’s with large print designs can be an excellent source of inspiration for just about any room.  Selecting the paper first will help you then finalize a color palette.  You can then move on to fabrics to coordinate and accessories to complete the look.  I’ve posted several different looks you may find interesting.

Do it Yourself or Use a Pro?

That’s a question only you can answer.  If you’re a die-hard DIY’er by all means take a crack at it.  Hanging wallpaper is not that difficult.  I don’t recommend starting on a bathroom that has tons of intricate cuts like I did but it’s a skill that is easily picked up.  I do find that staying away from the cheapie “big box” papers that are prepasted is a good idea.  They just never hang properly, the paper has a tendency to stretch and it doesn’t hold up as well as some of the pastable papers.  However, if you’re a bit phobic about perfection or your marriage is on it’s last breath hanging wallpaper may send you over the edge.  Hire a paper hanger, grab a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy!