Your New Home – Blinds & Shades Are More than just Privacy!

One of the most frequent questions I receive on our blog page is this: “We’re building a new home and I have no idea where to start when it comes to the blinds and how much I should budget for them.” This is an excellent question.

privacy shades for your new HomeFirst, let me address the last portion of the question. Our experience in the Columbus Ohio blind/window treatment market has shown that the average homebuyer will spend somewhere between 1 & 2% of the purchase price of a new construction home on window fashions. This translates to spending between $3000 & $6000 on your blinds or shades. Obviously that number is not written in stone and varies by a number of factors. Are you happy just having privacy and not concerned about style? Have you had the pleasure (or lack thereof) of spending hours cleaning faux wood blinds or worse paying good money to have cheap blinds repaired over and over again? Do you have the innate ability to walk into any type of store and automatically hone in on the most expensive item they carry? If you’ve answered yes to the above questions than it would be worth spending a few minutes doing a little basic homework before you decide what you want to live with.

I encourage new home buyers to consider all the options before they purchase blinds or shades. Visit a store that has them all on display. Investigate the different types of products that are available and the lift systems that are offered. Parents of small children and pet owners should definitely consider upgrading to a child-safe system that prevents accidental injury from cords. Most off-brand woods or faux wood blinds do not offer child-safe systems.

Consider each room and it’s intended use. A bedroom facing east has much different light control needs than a northern facing laundry room. Is your new home a great room plan or does it also have a more formal entertaining space such as a living room? Are you going to be using that great room for viewing movies and TV or just catching the news while you prepare dinner. Again: different needs for different uses. Your window fashion professional should ask you lots of questions. It’s not that we’re the nosy sort it’s just that a true professional will want to know how you plan on using a room before they recommend which product will most fit your needs.

Let’s revisit the budget question for just a moment. Most of us live in the real world. We all have to make choices on where we’re going to use the resources we have available. The numbers mentioned earlier are simply a ball park. In reality you’re going to want to take your time and select just the right products for you and your family. Don’t let someone pressure you into covering everything at one time, especially if you’re not certain what you want. We always offer our clients the option of free temporary shades for their privacy needs while they get to know their new home and how the light comes and goes. If your window treatment professional isn’t doing this: fire them! No matter your budget you only want to purchase once and you should have the assurance that you’ll be totally satisfied with your product and your shopping experience. At Home Source we’re one of a select few dealers that are allowed to offer the Hunter Douglas Right Choice Promise. RCP assures you that you may re-select if you’re not thrilled with your initial selection. If you’re dealing with a company that won’t give you that assurance: fire them!

Last but certainly not least the products you put in your home are a reflection of your personal style and taste. Your selections should reflect that and enhance AND protect your privacy and furnishings. To enhance your home with beautiful granite in the kitchen only to cheapen it with cheaply made window fashions makes as much sense as shopping for your wedding dress at Ace Hardware. Some rooms will need more of a soft touch with draperies and valances or others may benefit from the beauty of shutters. Whatever your taste and style take the time to do your homework, get the facts and rely on a professional that offers a bricks & mortar store where you can make a really informed decision and know where to find them when you need them!