Home Automation and Window Fashion Motorization

It’s Not Just Convenience Anymore!

Ok, be honest. When is the last time you got out of your chair to change the TV channel?

Or got out of your car to raise the garage door? Gotcha didn’t I?

We all use technology to make our lives simpler, easier, less taxing, and yes, more fun.

The dryer has replaced the clothesline, the dishwasher the dish cloth; remember typewriters and eraser pens? We wouldn’t dream of trying to live our busy, over-booked lives without most of today’s modern conveniences.

Window coverings have joined the techie age with motorized treatments in almost every product category. But with garden tubs in front of master bath windows and two-story family rooms they’re not just for couch potatoes and techno geeks. Motorized window coverings make controlling the light, privacy and security of your home simple and affordable.

With specialty apps like the Hunter Douglas Platinum App for the iPhone/iPad or Droid, homeowners can now program their window fashions to shut out damaging UV rays, take advantage of the late afternoon sun on a cold winter day or make sure your kids are safe and secure ‘til you arrive home.

You can even turn on lights, raise the temp on the thermostat and close the shades all from your mobile device using the Somfy Tahoma system.

So, until I find you an app to walk the dog, check out this video from Hunter Douglas about the new Platinum app!….and then visit our Gallery store for complete details! We have a battery operated (wireless) system just for you! Building a new home and want the latest in home automation? Set up a FREE consultation with one of our motorization specialists to get the project started right!