Professional Image/Professional Job

We’ve all seen it; you’re on the freeway and some yahoo’s driving a pick-up truck with ladders hanging off the top, cardboard flappin’ in the wind…and of course he’s yakking on the phone. Did I mention the bumper with duct tape?  Most of these vehicles are unidentified when it comes to the business they are engaged in. That’s probably a good thing since the image portrayed is more that of a business you’d like to avoid than one you’d call for a quote. This probably seems like a strange blog post but it was suggested by one of our sales people after an experience he had recently.

Shortly after arriving to measure and give a quote to a potential client, an unmarked scuffed up black van arrived in the driveway and out popped two guys that looked like they’d just arrived from a fishing trip.  Apparently the homeowner had scheduled 3-4 simultaneous quotes (we’ll address that in another post) and these were the next in line.  Now, I’m sure they were not pleased but proceeded to berate the homeowner, explaining how rude they felt this was.  Based upon her comments to our rep I’m pretty sure they won’t be getting the order no matter how low their price.

Home Source Van

We are professional and we will come to you!

My point is this: we strive everyday to put our very best foot forward; in our showroom, with our personnel and even with our vehicles.  The old adage that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is one that comes to mind here.  Now I’m not certain we’ll get this order if price is the ONLY criteria the homeowner is judging but I know that the other factors, if considered, such as professionalism, service and quality mean we’re the best on the list.

When considering making a major investment in your home, I encourage you to not only judge potential service providers by the value they bring with their products but also by their professional appearance, right down to the vehicle they arrive in.  If their attention to detail is lacking in those areas it is more than likely that it’s also lacking in areas that will directly affect the product and service you’re intending to purchase.