Keeping the Outdoors…Outdoors – Keep out Light with Exterior Shades

Readers know that I’m a huge proponent of using the right shade or blind to do the job.  In most cases we can assist consumers in finding just the right product to not only control the light and privacy of a room but also add an element of beauty to the space.  But I also have to admit that there is, to coin a phrase, more than one way to skin a cat.

Clients that really prefer an open, minimalist look frequently don’t want shades or blinds on their windows yet most will acknowledge that this preference can create major issues in certain rooms: heat gain can make spaces feel more like a greenhouse than a family room.  That big screen TV just doesn’t pop like it should if the room is flooded with too much light and glare.

So what do you do when you need to control the light but would rather keep the inside of your home very minimalistic?  Put the shades on the outside!  Yep, you heard right!  There are wonderful screen and full privacy outdoor shades that can even be controlled with sensors and /or remotes.

Here’s  scenario #1:  Our client had added a terrific sunroom on the back of their home a few years ago.  All was great.  There were no major privacy issues and room had tons of windows all open to the view and they loved it that way.  All was well until a couple of years ago the mature trees in their back yard had to be removed.  What was a bright inviting space became a hot house in the late afternoon and guests at the dining table had to wear their sunglasses!  How could we solve the problem on just the west facing French doors and not ruin the bright open whiter that white look of the room?

Exterior and Outdoor Shades

Shade your Home with Exterior Shades from Sunair

Solution?  Sunair Outdoor Shades.  Outdoor shades give you the ability to control the light entering one side of a room without making it look like you forgot to treat the others.  By installing a motorized screen shade on the exterior of the home just above the French doors we were able to cut the glare and heat gain, control the light and make the room useable all while keeping the homeowners crisp minimalist view.  The UV protection saved her furnishings, her guests doffed their shades and enjoyed their dinner and no one even knew the shade existed when it was retracted into it’s housing!

Scenario #2:  This homeowner had a designer touch in every room.  From fabulous furnishings to perfect accessories every room was dressed to the nines!  So what’s the matter with that you might ask?  Well, here’s the rub; the main entertaining areas in the home faced west!  You guessed it; she didn’t need a fondue pot to melt the cheese!  The dining room became so uncomfortable in the late afternoon that it made it unusable.  Naturally the first thought was to add light controlling shades to the windows.  As it turns out non-existent mounting depth dictated that to add shades we would need to outside mount them above the window molding.  Did I happen to mention the yards and yards of silk draperies that were artfully puddled on the floor on either side of the window?  The thought of disturbing those draperies sent the homeowner into a tizzie!  So what solution could we offer that would solve the heat issue and protect the fabric from UV damage all without touching the inside or her drapes.  We installed a SunAir exterior shade with a timer that lowers at 3PM and raises again at about 7:30.  When not deployed the shade is rolled up neatly inside it’s housing, ready for the next hot afternoon!

Sunair Exterior shades come in dozens and dozens of colors and fabrics.  From screen shade fabrics that diffuse the light but preserve the view to more tightly woven fabrics that block more heat there’s an outdoor shade that can keep you comfortable inside or out!