Home Automation & Window Treatments: There’s an App for That!

Most people building new homes these days are at least considering putting some form of home automation system in place. Central Ohioans are no different. We love the idea of having the ability to control things in our home with the touch of a button. From controlling when lights go on and off, to regulating your HVAC system home automation has advanced by leaps and bounds in just months.

Home Automation is no longer just for your home theatre. Now Columbus residents can control their home from their office or their smart phone. Picture this: you thought you’d be home by 4PM so you didn’t close the shades in your great room. Now you’re stuck at work and the room’s going to feel like a sauna when you arrive home. Solution? Simply log-in and tell your system to close the shades.

The time to consider home automation and your privacy is when you begin working with your builder/remodeler. What should you expect? Most Columbus builders can refer you to a home automation company that can offer you a variety of systems from security to home theatre to creating a truly “smart home”. If your builder doesn’t have a relationship with someone give us a call. We can refer you to the top automation specialists in Central Ohio. These professionals really know their stuff about almost everything…except window treatments. Yes, I said window treatments! One of the best ways to conserve energy is to prevent heat loss or heat gain yet most home automation companies know nothing about any type of window treatments except roller/screen shades. That’s fine if you want your home to look like your office but what if that’s not your style?

Home Source’s motorization specialists will work closely in partnership with your builder, your automation specialist and the electrician to make sure your window fashions of choice will work seamlessly day and night. By consulting Home Source early in the process we can help you build this partnership while it’s early enough in the process to make sure everything is wired properly and your window fashions not only control light the way you want but are also an extension of your personal sense of style.

There are at least 10 different window fashion products that can be hard-wired with your automation system. You don’t have to settle for roller shades. From Silhouette, Duette, and Vignette to vertical treatments such as Luminette and Skyline there are fashionable treatments that are designed to work seamlessly with your system. Draperies aren’t out of the picture either. We have several companies that offer drapery rods that can interface with almost all systems and our custom workroom can fabricate your draperies from any of our 40,000+ fabrics.

Perhaps a complete system is not in the budget right now. That’s OK our motorization specialist can work with you and your electrician so that the correct wiring is brought to the windows allowing you to add single point control motorized shades at any time in the future without the necessity to invest in a complete automation system. Hunter Douglas also offers a variety of shades/shadings that operate using the Platinum 2.0 Powerise system. This battery operated system gives you remote control of your window fashions without the need to add wiring – a perfect solution when redecorating or moving into an existing home.

Be sure to call Home Source and request a FREE consultation BEFORE you build. You’ll be glad you did!