Soft Shade Basics

Back in my first post I spoke a lot about the questions we ask a client to determine what is the best style/type of window treatment to fit their needs. A couple of those questions were regarding the use and orientation of the room. If you need to control the light and privacy in a room but really don’t want it to become cave-like when you lower the shade then a honeycomb or pleated shade may be the perfect choice for you.

What’s the difference? If you’ll think back to kindergarten, remember those fans we all made out of construction paper? You’d fold it back and forth until you had this marvelous little fan and then sit there and fan yourself until the teacher got annoyed. Well, a pleated shade is basically the same concept. The fabric is folded into pleats and a string runs in and out the pleats to make the shades go up and down. One very nice advantage of pleated shades is the variety of fabrics and colors in which they are available. From deep rich hued silks to lacey open weaves there’s a fabric that will work with most any décor. The downside?: The strings. Most people do not like to see the strings or the rout holes they go through. They are especially ill-advised in a room where children will be left alone or where strict light control is needed for a TV or computer monitor. With that said, they can be an very affordable and attractive selections that also has the advantage of very tight stack when they are raised and multiple lift systems that make operating a breeze.

Hunter Douglas Architella Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas Architella Honeycomb Shades in Closed Position

Your other option is honeycomb shades. These are structured exactly like they sound, with fabric laminated into a honeycomb structure, just like the bees do it! These shades, when ordered in semi-opaque fabric, will give you a soft diffuse light that is beautiful. Also, available in semi-sheer, sheer & opaque, honeycomb shades stack tightly when raised and also have options available such as top down/bottom up which will allow you to suspend the shade in the middle of the window or lower the top for light while preserving privacy on the lower portion of the window. Our premium Duette Honeycomb shade comes is a variety of fabrics that vary from soft neutrals to deep rich colors. The Architella fabric is unique in it’s construction because it places one honeycomb inside of another. This feature has enable Duette Architella to be the only window fashion product that qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit programs. Achieving up to an R-8 in the opaque fabric option, Duette Architella will help you stop heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, keeping rooms more comfortable AND energy efficient. When I have problem windows to deal with Duette is my go-to product! It has the largest range of size availability as well as the broadest range of specialty shape applications. Lift systems such as the cordless Literise and battery operated Powerise extend the possibilities to an almost endless array!

Our showroom features displays of many of the fabrics and lift systems available in Duette Honeycomb shades and it’s more value priced cousin, Applause Honeycomb. If you’re considering new window treatments be sure to stop in to view this affordable and flexible option.


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